Tuesday, 16 October 2007

My lunch box by mom

I intended to post this simple lunch box few weeks ago, it held until now :p I don't know why but everything mom's made always be a special for me, not just me though. Even it's a simplest but to us, me, my sis and my bros, it's a special treat ever *hehehe*
So, while my grandma was abroad, my mom is the chef for the week :p Everything she cooked were fingers licking. And she even cares for my lunch at the office so she woke up early to prepare. The menu was stir fry vegetable *i don't know what the vegie name :* and fried pork cutlets. Vegie was simple, stir fried with chopped garlic. The fried pork also simple but delicious. I can eat the mountain high plate of rice only with these pork cutlets. Slice pork in squares, like 1cm thick. Then marinade with lime juice, salt, pepper and minced garlic. Simple as it is. Even for amateur like me can do *hahaha*

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