Sunday, 21 October 2007

Basil Pork Ramen ala Su Yin

I'm really in the mood to cook this week :) This morning I made Basil Pork Ramen ala Su Yin. I always like korean instant ramen. It's kinda feel like back to college. The korean restaurant next to my college had been my favorite place for lunch. Got new idea of how to cook it from Su Yin's blog, yeahhhhh... The extra meat makes it soooooo delicious. I don't know how the other take this style, so I just prepared 1 bowl using 1 package of the instant nooddle. After tried a little, I passed it to my mom and then my bro. They liked it so much even I didn't have another go *hahaha* That's okay, I'll make one tonight again after posting this new way of enjoying korean instant ramen :) I know that my bf is now waiting for me to cook and let him try. He's not too excited though, but let see after that *hihihi* Please do try, guys.

Basil Pork Ramen ala Su Yin
Source: Su Yin


1 package of korean instant ramen
2 tbsps of sesame oil
Minced pork
Fresh basil leaves
1 clove of garlic, chopped
1 cup of chicken or beef broth

How to:

1. Cook the instant ramen according to the package instruction.

2. While the nooddle is cooking, you can start to heat the sesame oil, add in garlic and stir fried until fragrant. Put in the meat. Cook until becomes brown. Empty the condiments of the ramen into the meat. Add in the basil leaves and chicken or beef broth. Cook until boil and becomes a little thickened.

3. While you are cooking the meat, don't forget your nooddle *hehehe* You must be concentrated. Once nooddle cooked, strain and sit them in the serving bowl. Pour in the meat. Enjoy while it's still hot, yummy.....


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