Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Strawberry Shortcake for Birthday

Too many birthdays in August :p I had too much cake already and all fats stuck in me :( This cake was made under somekind of cooperation hahaha... me, my sis' and my mom. It was a success though. We arranged small party for the b'dae little girl "my niece", invited just family from my mom's side. My mom's side already can make full the house hahaha...

My sis' made the cake from "lapis surabaya", 3 layers. My mom scrapping the white buttercream as the base. I decorated the cake with pink buttercream and accessories. Tadda...... check it out :) the overall look.

Up close... it wasn't bad afterall, right ? Good job, girls :p

The cake was made from egg yolk only, so we had plenty of egg whites left on the table. What a waste. And I don't want to eat scrambled white egg everyday for the whole week :p So me and my sis' made Zebra Cake (Marbled Cake) and simply decorated with cherries and grated chedar cheese :) You can say we made use of everything hahaha... If you are asking for the recipes, I believe it is very easy to find and most of you already have it in mind :)

Sunday, 19 August 2007

My Birthday

It was my birthday last saturday the 18th of August, just 1 day after the independence day. So, it's a nice long weekend for all of us. Last year we had BBQ at Puncak. This year we just enjoyed our long weekend at home. So, I had plenty of time to make my own birthday cake.
Inspired from the best chocolate cake recipe of last week (same source, you can refer to the link in my previous post), which I thought very easy to follow :p The cake was easy, but the ganache and buttercream were such a pain for a starter and not patient like me hehehe... I think you can tell just looking at my pictures :p

I was struggling with chocolate, cream, sugar and butter until 2am :( I was so sleepy and exausted by the time I finished it. Straight to the bed, and...Zzzz... just in seconds I was in the dreamland hahaha... having a slice of my cake :)

The appearance is just okay, but taste is dewicious hahaha... It is true the saying of "learning by doing". I took the lesson how to deal with chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream after failing quite few times :p Next time, which is this coming saturday I got an order from my sister to make the same cake for my niece's birthday, I will melt the small diced chocolate with just a little of whipping cream first to get the consistency to spread. And for sure, I will prepare the ganache the night before since we must store it first at least 3 hours before using. That way, I will not loose my patient while waiting :)

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

1 Bowl Choco Cupcake

I had lots of time last Saturday :) for myself. My boyfriend was already made appointment with his TOYS :( , airsoft guns...you know,. where a bunch of man with gun toys running around, hiding, crawling etc... hehehe... And most of all, I took over the kitchen all for myself :p. The master was away to "puncak" with her daughters and sons in law, sons and daughters in law, grand daughters/sons. By the way, the master was my grandmom, hehehe... she's staying with us since I was a kid. That's why my mom doesn't cook, unless my grandmom's away. Eventhough, my mom is not an expert in cooking...to us (my dad, me and my brothers) her cooking is still a hit :)
So, I made 1 Bowl Choco Cupcake, recipe taken from vania's 1 Bowl Chocolate Cake. At first, I was intended to pipe chocolate ganache on top, making some swirlly look. But, because of me trying to look like an expert, reffering to no recipe, just simply did, no measurement, and it turned out to thin. It came out like this picture :p
I wanna have more chocolate ganache on top but didn't want it all came down and dropping on my cooling rack. So, I decided to do a "circle-fence" from coloured chocolate chips...hahaha... Lucky I was in the mood and arranged one by one of the choco chips, making sure that the shape is circle, picking the colours and at the same time, I must raced with my niece who was snacking on the chips and asking for more every few seconds. I didn't want my chips ran out before my cuppies finish decorated :p. I personally like this recipe, I'll definitely use this recipe again for other version :) In fact, I am thinking to do with this recipe for my own birthday cake, which is just around the corner... :p (...this is only if I'm in the mood by that time hehehe...) Those who like to try, you can click here. The easiest cake to bake.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Accidently Made Cake

Intended to make white chocolate buttercream 4 days ago for my green tea cake. Because I was in a hurry pouring white chocolate that still hot into the butter and I'm sure know what happend if butter meets hot, right?!

Today is election day and I couldn't go anywhere since my house is surrounded by TPSs here and there. I'm stuck in the house. Out of nowhere, just mixing this and that and taddaaa.... a Accidently Made White Chocolate Cake. So, if you ask me what is the recipe, honestly I don't know... :p. All I did was just add in all purpose flour, baking powder, vanilla extract, eggs and my failed white chocolate butter.

Taste and smell good, but just not sweet enough. So, I decided to sprinkle donut sugar on top of it. Suddenly, I thought of shinta's petit four then I cut into small squares that petit enough for one time shot hehehe... Simply cover them with melted milk cooking chocolate and decorated with melted white chocolate and a drop of green and red colour. It got the Perfect Sweetness now :)

Here you go the pictures...enjoy... :) My Accidently Made Petit Four.

Monday, 6 August 2007

Matcha in Action

I've bought this green tea powder quite few sometimes ago at Titan, my first time to shop there. My boyfriend drove me there. You know that Fatmawati raya is just one long street, right? I kept my eyes on the left side and he kept on the right side. Closing to end of the street we still didn't find it yet. So, looking at his expression ... then I call to quit, we turned back heading home. A part of me still curious and so...my eyes were still rolling checking out the left side of the street (which was my right hand side before) quietly hehehe..... That's Titan, I shouted in excitement :) In a moment, I already had few things in my trolley hahaha...

By the way, we were at the same time with the winner of Titan Blog Contest, Shinta. We didn't know each other. A week or so, just checking her blog and I saw her writing about Titan and inserted few pictures of inside the Titan and outside where I saw my bf's car parking in front of Titan captured...hahaha.... I said "babe, your car is in the picture of "dapur amatir"...hahaha... He remembered that time there was a woman taking pictures inside the store. Eventhough, I didn't join the contest ( but I wanted to :( ), I feel like taking a part, a small..small..small part :p
Aside of that.... I'm very excited to practice with my green tea powder. So, I made green tea muffin taken from vania's blog and green tea layer cake taken from andrie anne's kitchen. Please refer to their blogs for recipes, okay...?! I didn't make changes just instead of just vla, I used vanilla vla and adding in a bit of the green tea powder just to get soft green colour :). For green tea lovers, this is delicious.

Green Tea Layer Cake (recipe taken from Andrie Anne's)

Green Tea Muffin (recipe taken from vania's)