Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Accidently Made Cake

Intended to make white chocolate buttercream 4 days ago for my green tea cake. Because I was in a hurry pouring white chocolate that still hot into the butter and I'm sure know what happend if butter meets hot, right?!

Today is election day and I couldn't go anywhere since my house is surrounded by TPSs here and there. I'm stuck in the house. Out of nowhere, just mixing this and that and taddaaa.... a Accidently Made White Chocolate Cake. So, if you ask me what is the recipe, honestly I don't know... :p. All I did was just add in all purpose flour, baking powder, vanilla extract, eggs and my failed white chocolate butter.

Taste and smell good, but just not sweet enough. So, I decided to sprinkle donut sugar on top of it. Suddenly, I thought of shinta's petit four then I cut into small squares that petit enough for one time shot hehehe... Simply cover them with melted milk cooking chocolate and decorated with melted white chocolate and a drop of green and red colour. It got the Perfect Sweetness now :)

Here you go the pictures...enjoy... :) My Accidently Made Petit Four.

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