Sunday, 19 August 2007

My Birthday

It was my birthday last saturday the 18th of August, just 1 day after the independence day. So, it's a nice long weekend for all of us. Last year we had BBQ at Puncak. This year we just enjoyed our long weekend at home. So, I had plenty of time to make my own birthday cake.
Inspired from the best chocolate cake recipe of last week (same source, you can refer to the link in my previous post), which I thought very easy to follow :p The cake was easy, but the ganache and buttercream were such a pain for a starter and not patient like me hehehe... I think you can tell just looking at my pictures :p

I was struggling with chocolate, cream, sugar and butter until 2am :( I was so sleepy and exausted by the time I finished it. Straight to the bed, and...Zzzz... just in seconds I was in the dreamland hahaha... having a slice of my cake :)

The appearance is just okay, but taste is dewicious hahaha... It is true the saying of "learning by doing". I took the lesson how to deal with chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream after failing quite few times :p Next time, which is this coming saturday I got an order from my sister to make the same cake for my niece's birthday, I will melt the small diced chocolate with just a little of whipping cream first to get the consistency to spread. And for sure, I will prepare the ganache the night before since we must store it first at least 3 hours before using. That way, I will not loose my patient while waiting :)

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