Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Strawberry Shortcake for Birthday

Too many birthdays in August :p I had too much cake already and all fats stuck in me :( This cake was made under somekind of cooperation hahaha... me, my sis' and my mom. It was a success though. We arranged small party for the b'dae little girl "my niece", invited just family from my mom's side. My mom's side already can make full the house hahaha...

My sis' made the cake from "lapis surabaya", 3 layers. My mom scrapping the white buttercream as the base. I decorated the cake with pink buttercream and accessories. Tadda...... check it out :) the overall look.

Up close... it wasn't bad afterall, right ? Good job, girls :p

The cake was made from egg yolk only, so we had plenty of egg whites left on the table. What a waste. And I don't want to eat scrambled white egg everyday for the whole week :p So me and my sis' made Zebra Cake (Marbled Cake) and simply decorated with cherries and grated chedar cheese :) You can say we made use of everything hahaha... If you are asking for the recipes, I believe it is very easy to find and most of you already have it in mind :)

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