Sunday, 16 September 2007

Pretty, Yummy, Fresh Jelly

It's been quite awhile not getting myself messy in the kitchen :p Yesterday I was like taking revenge, around 130 pretty, yummy and fresh jellies plus 2 spiegeleikuchen. By the time I finished, I was so exhausted and no more power left in me to fix myself for saturday night :( So, when my boyfriend came, I just simply took shower and got into my favorite loose short and t-shirt *hehehe*, ooh not to mention... in my natural beauty *hahaha* nothing covered my face. Can you imagine how awful was that? :p

The jelly or konyaku as I always named everything with jelly *hihihi* is the easiest to make. What took me so long cuz I don't have enough ice cream cups for all 10 packages of Nutrigel. That's took me long time to wait the jellies to set and took out from the cup and began to fill the cups again *hiks hiks hiks* I post the jelly first, for the spiegeleikuchen gotta be later on...don't know when for sure *giggle*

Pretty, Yummy, Fresh Jelly

All you need is:

Nutrigel of different flavours, follow the instruction for cooking. Cut less the sugar for less sweet if you want. That's what I did.

Fresh fruits cut in cubes. You can add in any fruits you like. I put in mango, kiwi, strawberry, canned mandarin, honeydew and nata de coco. For me those fruits have the perfect colour for jellies :) For those to have less huzzle can use canned mixed fruits but I think it won't be yummier than fresh ones.

Ice cream plastic cups


It's easy! Just drop in few fruit cubes in the cup. Prepare the jelly and pour into each cups. Let cool and refrigerate. Now you can enjoy...... :)

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