Monday, 17 September 2007


This is what I like most from Monday morning... I can have time to browse or post my baking *hahaha* maybe because of some people carry over the weekend mode so the office is a quiet peacefully morning :p
As I promised to post the Spiegeleikuchen made last Saturday, now here we go...
I took the recipe from Anne's kitchen. Same as her, I was also falling in love with the picture right away and curious what it tastes at the same time. So I've decided when my baking mode is back on, I'll definitely choose this one first *hihihi...can't wait to taste*

I followed the recipe gram by gram. I like everything, the cake, the sour cream pudding and the peach *I used peach instead of apricot, cuz that's what I found on the supermarket rack :p* But the Tortenguss which can be replaced by Indonesian agar-agar turned out too hard. Most comments I got was basically the same... "hmm...yummy, but the Agar-agar is too hard" :( Don't know if the original Tortenguss will be like this or not. When I was preparing the last layer, the Agar-agar, I was already in doubt it's gonna be hard. The recipe called for 2 packages with 500ml water. I even added 150ml more and about 1 cup of sugar *most of my family like sweet than sour* If I'm gonna make this cake again next time, I think 1 package of Agar-agar is more likeable :)

One more thing, since I don't have 28x40 cm pan I used one square pan 28x28 cm. Afraid of the cake being too thick and takes long time to bake, in addition I used one more smaller round pan. Of course the peaches wouldn't be enough *dooh... why didn't I think of that earlier* hehehe Lucky I was making the jelly (posted earlier) at the same time and steal some mandarin oranges *hihihi*, and taadda........... Spiegeleikuchen changes in the meaning *hahaha* no longer as Indonesian Telor Ceplok but Bulan Sabit :p Me and my boyfriend think that maybe next time to have any other fruits which is fresh and soft and of course suit to our taste. And once again I think the meaning changes *hahaha*


Source : Mba Retno (taken from Anne's kitchen, translated by me *hihihi*)

5 Eggs
250 g butter
250 g Sugar
250 g All purpose flour
1 bks backpulver/baking powder
500 ml Milk
1 bks Vanille puddingpulver
500 g atau 600 g schmand/sour cream
2 bks Tortenguss atau agar-agar * I suggest 1 package of agar-agar
1 Big Can of Apricot (reserve the syrup of 250 ml)
250 ml apfelsaft/Apple juice


Layer 1 (cake): Beat 5 eggs and sugar using an electric mixer in high speed for 10 minutes. Then add butter and continue to beat. Add in flour and backpulver. Mix well. Pour the mixture into prepared 28x40 cm pan. Oven in 200 C for 15-20 minutes. While the cake is baking, prepare the layer 2 (white)

Layer 2 (white): Mix the vanille puddingpulver with 2 tbsp of sugar, and pour the milk into the puddingpulver little by little or in steady stream while keep stirring until well mixed. Bring to boil and thickenned. Set out from the heat and pour in the sour cream/schmand, stirring to mix well. Pour the mixture onto the cake (layer 1), put in the oven again and bake for another 15 minutes. Wait for the cake to cool and arrange the apricots on the white layer.

Layer 3 (Clear): Mix the Tortenguss or Agar-agar with reserved apricot syrup (250 ml) and 250 ml apfelsaftApple juice. Bring to boil and pour over the apricots.

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