Saturday, 20 October 2007

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Tempted by m-corner made Hainanese Chicken Rice couldn't hold myself so instantly I made my shopping list that day and went shopping on that nite. She didn't post the recipe yet, but just for me she told me how to cook it on the messenger *hehehe* Thanks, mom :p
It's easy to make, just like she said. Since this is my first time, I guess I need time for trial and error. It's not totally ruined, just need to remind myself everytime to give it a taste before put it in the rice cooker. The tastiest rice comes from tastiest chicken broth *I forgot to taste the soup hihihi and a little less taste in the end* But it still delicious though, if you eat with sweet n sour chili plus soy yummy. Give it a try, less hazzle than other cooking and not to mention yummy, yummy, yummy. I even didn't have breakfast and directly cooked it just want to save some more room for my Hainanese Chicken Rice *hehehe*

Hainanese Chicken Rice
Source: m-corner

1 whole chicken
Rice, washed few times and drained *I measured out 4 glasses using my drinking glass, it made easier for me later when to cook the rice I'll just measured out 4 glasses of chicken broth using the same glass. That way you'll get your rice cooked just right, hihihi* lesson from an untie who ran a canteen while in college.
3 inches of fresh ginger, peeled and sliced *If you like the ginger taste, you add more*
Garlic, minced and more for making the garlic oil
Salt to your taste
Cooking oil
1. Boil water enough to cover your whole chicken. Put in the chicken, sliced ginger and salt. Let it boil once more, then simmer for 20 minutes *depends on your chicken size*. Set a side. *remember to give it a taste*
2. Heat the oil in a wok and put in all garlic and keep stirring until fragrant and turning golden. Set aside bigger amount of oil and the garlic for serving the chicken later.
3. Using the same wok and left garlic oil to stir fry the rice. Keep stirring until fragrant. Move from the heat and pour into the rice cooker. Add in 4 glasses of chicken broth. Let it cooked by itself :)
4. Cut the chicken into your preffered size and serve with garlic oil, rice and sweet and sour chili sauce.
Sweet and sour chili sauce
Blend all together:
Lemon juice
*no measurement, everything is to your taste, hehehe*

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