Sunday, 3 February 2008

Happy B'day Shanny

Shanny, my little cousin. She was 26 years younger...hehehe..I know you must've wondering WOW hehehe, but that's real. She was having her 3rd b'day on 2 days before the new year. All my mom's big family usually gather together in Puncak for the new year. We always spend days in a villa. So, I joint this time rather than alone at home, left by my bf to abroad with his family :(

The b'day cake was a combination of my cupcakes and my sis's made b'day cake (decorated by me though, as usual hehehe) The b'day cake was lapis surabaya and buttercream. The cupcake was one bowl chocolate cake with chocolate ganache. The cream that I used was Baker's whipping cream, i tried because someone recommended this because it holds longer than dairy cream. But, I still like the dairy one, even though it is far much fattening *hehehe*

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