Saturday, 23 February 2008

Ayam Kuluyuk (Sweet and Sour Chicken Cubes)

This was my chinese new year eve dinner cooking 1. Even my mom already prepared so many traditional dishes for our dinner, I just couldn't help to get my hands dirty for the special night. I used to be the eater every year :p This is my first time. I tried Ayam Kuluyuk but I didn't actually follow the recipe cause you know when it comes to cooking I'm with my insting *hihihi*

The basic idea of this recipe is:

1. Chicken fillet, cut into cubes and mix with flour mixture (a bit of salt, baking powder, flour and corn starch), then fried until cooked and golden.

2. And prepare the sweet and sour sauce following the normal step of cooking of garlic, onion, capsicum, tomato sauce, salt, sugar, mixed vegie cut into small pieces (pineapple, carrot, cucumber). Adjust the taste, it should be sweet and sour.

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