Monday, 23 March 2009

Strawberry Yoghurt Ice Pops

Me and d.j are so much into Sour Sally these days hehehe.... Everytime we visit a mall we'd look for Sour sally. We had it yesterday also at MTA after lunch, luckily the queu wasn't as crazy as Senci. But we spend our weekends mostly in Senci and the line's so unbelievable loooong. So, I tried to make these yoghurt pops for us to enjoy to satisy our craving for frozen yoghurt :p

Strawberry Yoghurt Ice Pops
A pack of fresh strawberries, washed and hulled
6 packs of yoghurt (I mixed 2 plains and 4 strawberry flavoured)
Honey to your sweetness
Ice pop mold (for me plastic will do, next time i'd buy the mold :p)

How to:

Place strawberries and honey into a blender and blend until it becomes smooth. Pour over a fine strainer and discard the seeds.

Mix in yoghurt and stir until well combined. Pour into ice pop mold and freeze. In case of using plastic like me, you need a funnel to help you out avoiding the mess. Spare some length for tide up at the plastic mouth and freeze. Just like our childhood snack, but we used sweetened tea or greenpeal instead *hmm......*


Mochachocolata Rita said...

hihi, thanks dah mampir ke blog aku :) hihi ini mengingatkan ke masa kecil banget.

I love nostalgia :)

let's bake together said...

hhmmm...apalg kl bikinnya pake kacang ijo, dirumah selalu ada stock di kulkas by my grandpa hehehehe