Saturday, 26 July 2008

Tausan (fritter of twisted dough "cakwe" in greenpeal)

Tausan is one of dessert in my hometown. It made from peeled greenpeal (kacang hijau kupas) and fritter of twisted dough or chinese fried cake (cakwe). I don't know why it called as fried twisted dough, "cakwe" is not twisted though *hihihi* it is long and straight, as my hair :p

Tausan (Peeled greenpeal "kacang hijau kupas" as seen on the picture)

Starch dissolved in a bit of water
Cakwe / Chinese fried cake / fritter of twisted dough

1. Boil a pot of water. Add in greenpeal. Let it cook for awhile until it gets soften.

2. Add in sugar to your desired sweetness.

3. Add in starch dissolved in a bit of water and stir until it gets thickenned. If not, add in more starch. Remember to keep stirring.

4. Add in the cakwe just before serving time.

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