Saturday, 14 June 2008

Donut Kentang (Cassava Doughnut)

My grandpa is in his mid-seventies but still active. I really like his cassava doughnut. This is him in the kitchen on Saturday morning weeks ago. I'm helping though, hehehe..

The recipe is very simple:
1. Grated cassava
2. Sugar

Shape the grated cassava into doughnut shape and deep fry in lots of oil until golden brown. Actually it is lot easier if you mix in few tablespoons of rice flour but the doughnuts turn hard when cold. So, eventhough for him to shape purely cassava is very hard but he prefers so for the sake of good taste :)---> He experienced it before, and this time he only add a little of rice flour still it gets harden when cold. No more... next time will be purely cassava he said.

After all doughnuts fried and heat some amount of sugar in a wok until all melted. Add in all doughnuts and stir well and try to get each doughnut well covered by the sugar. It is another way of serving cassava, yummy...

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