Sunday, 25 May 2008

Telur Balado (Chili Fried Eggs)

I don't remember exactly when this becomes my routine every Saturday. You know what?? I cook every Saturday for my family. It's like their habit to ask "what's your gonna cook tomorrow?". The same question pops up every Friday night where I usually stay until late and catch up with my little brother. Take my mom to the market every Saturday morning also has became my routine. Since it becomes my routine I was too busy preparing and cooking, very seldom it crosses my mind to take pictures for this blog. I am the type who does things slow and neat, that's why no time to take pictures *hihihi* Everytime I have to rush to finish.

I cooked this dish weeks ago and already had the second round last week *hahaha* I finally realized that preparing a meal for the family is not as easy as you thought. It can be a headache just thinking what to cook the next morning, although I am only a part-timer, the Saturday Chef *hahaha* It's my new title :p The Indonesian called this dish "Telur Balado", meaning... Chili Fried Eggs (I guess this describes it *hehehe*).

Telur Balado
(My simple way recipe)


1kg Eggs, boiled and peeled

Ground ingredients:
250g Chilies (more if like it hot)
7 Red onions
4 cloves of garlic
a thin slice of shrimp paste (Indonesia known as Terasi)
1 Tomato

How to:

1. Heat medium amount of oil in frying pan. Using a knife slightly cut around the surface of eggs and fry until slightly brown. Set aside.

2. Heat few tablespoons of oil and add in the ground ingredients. Keep stiring until fragrant. Add salt, sugar, and a little bit of vinegar to your taste. Lastly put in fried eggs and stir until all eggs well covered in the chili paste. Ready to serve.

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