Sunday, 4 May 2008

Sausage Disaster

Oh..NO! I missed APRIL :( Didn't realize until today, too late already. I was going to last week but the internet connection was down. Today, I finally post all what I have done back in the kitchen for these few weeks *hihihi* But have nothing to tell although I have stories behind those dishes :( *I'm not in the mood today, someone has just messed my day, weekend, ggrrrhhh...* I'll just post my sausage disaster then. The recipe was taken from "mamistella". Girls, not as easy as you thought of..believe me. After hours of struggling with sausage casing and it got me nearly to give up *hehehe* least I tried. And one more thing that complete the disaster was I just used minced beef *OH NO....* yes, you can imagine the taste of my sausage :p However, I'm sure what "cik stella" done with her sausage was a successful and delicious, I myself is now thinking to get those from her a.k.a BUY *hehehe* HEY, ...look! I've written my story, Guess I have my mood back *hehehe* For recipe, please refer to her multiply (

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