Thursday, 10 January 2008

Srikaya or Coconut Milk Jam

It's been a while since my last post :p But I do keep trying recipes though *just too lazy to write something in my blog* I tried srikaya recipe from old source in my magic book few weeks before the year changed to 2008. So, this is the first post of the year *hehehe* Anyone one the recipe just leave me message, okay??---> I finally inserted the recipe after months :p check below! I like it best with banana fritters...hmm.. yummy.


200 g Sugar

1000 ml Coconut milk

6 Egg yolks

25 g Margarine

1/4 tsp Vanilla extract

1. Mix sugar, coconut milk and egg yolks. Combine well. Add in vanilla and stir well then transfer to a medium sauce pan.

2. Set over the pan on a bigger size pan / wok filled with water. Heat over low to medium and keep stirring the mixture until thickened.

3. Add in margarine while stirring and keep stirring until smooth and thickened. Let cool and store into jars.


wen77 said...

Finally i found how to make srikaya like this...I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for the recipe.

let's bake together said...

@wen77 -- :) welcome...

Shinta said...

Haloo.. Saya browse resep srikaya jam, dan menemukannya di sini. Kapan-kapan saya akan coba dan post di blog saya, boleh ya??

let's bake together said...

@Shinta -- silahkan.... :)

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